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Ninatec are London’s favorite laptop repair company. We are based in Canary wharf east London. Our repair services cover laptop screen repairs and laptop motherboard repair specialists. For 15 years we have been repairing computers and laptops. We will never be beaten on price.  Give our friendly office staff a call today for free help and advice.   happy

Cheapest Screen repairs in the whole UK






laptop repairs london

Check out our work.  Our video below has had 173,000 views !



No image on laptop screen graphics fault

Has your laptop been overheating lately? This common problem can often break your graphics card. Here at Ninatec we can repair this problem for you.

Look at the images below. As the tiny balls on the underside of the graphics card are broken our skilled engineers fix this issue using the latest BGA reflow machines from Hong Kong.  First we flow flux under the chip at 140 degrees then we fire infra red light at the chip.

This makes the solder balls underneath the chip melt and this removes the bad contact from the graphics and the image will be displayed on the screen again.


Have a look at the video below here at ninatec this is how we reflow the graphics card.

Some companies reflow the graphics chip but do not fix the fan. The fan is what caused the problems in the first place. The fan usually gets clogged up with dust and over heats.


The fan must be repaired. It needs to be taken to bits, oiled and put back together with CPC paste applied to the graphics card and the processor to cool it down.

This fan is in pretty good condition most of the fans we receive at our workshop are in a terrible state. So if you fix the graphics card but do not fix the fan, the problem will return.



Ipad Repairs Canary Wharf Docklands E14


We were the first Ipad repair center based in

Canary Wharf.


Run over by a bus? No problem….






Ipad walk in repair center.  We do not offer a while you wait service as Ipad screens are very difficult to repair and you need to allow 24 hours for the new screen to glue and adhere to your Ipad.

Have you broken your screen on your Ipad ? We can help you with Ipad screen repairs, lines on the ipad screen. Ipads not turning on, wifi not working, sound not working, motherboard repairs for liquid damage we are ipad repair specialists based in London .

Sometimes just the digitiser will be broken or you may have broken the whole lcd screen, whatever your problem we can help.


We buy broken ipads for cash 


  Ipad screen repair specialists 



Click here to have for free diagnosis on your ipad.

In some rare occasions if you drop your ipad it will not turn on , this is an easy repair for Ninatec engineers.

If you live or work in Canary wharf call us today for all your Ipad repair services.

Why not bring your Ipad in to us during your lunch break and collect it the next day during your lunch break. Or you may want to take us up on our free pick up and delivery service for Canary Wharf.









iPad 2 screen repairs £80

iPad 3 screen repairs £90

ipad Mini Screen Repairs £99


Please note that digitizer repairs are the same price as LCD repairs as the digitizer needs to be removed to fix the LCD.

All Ipad repairs take between 24 hours to 48 hours. Some motherboards will need to be reset so please back up on iTunes  before you take your Ipad to our workshop.


We buy broken ipads. Ipads for cash 


We carry out Wifi repairs on the ipad


also power button repairs and charging port repairs

on ipads.


Our Canary wharf Workshop



iPad mini screen repairs – please inquire


All ipad screen repairs come with the usual 3 month warranty. Warranties do not cover spills drops or breakages.










Call Ninatec today on 0800 118 2275

Toshiba screen repairs

How to solder like a Boss

Soldering has a lot to do with experience as it is in knowing how to solder. For example over the years I have taught many newcomers to electronics how to solder. I can show them how to solder, where to put the soldering iron and how to use the flux and so on. The problem is that many newcomers have shaky hands, or they may leave the soldering iron to long on the motherboard or maybe not long enough. This is where experience comes in. Our engineers were taught by the military.
We use soldering techniques that are unheard of to many soldering techies. Here at Ninatec we use stereo microscopes with micro tip soldering irons enabling our engineers to solder micro components on the main board. For example look at the image below.


All images are copyright of Ninatec Laptop Repairs




The image above was taken through a Stereo microscope. The soldering looks great. You can see the positive pin to the right on its own sector of the motherboard. All the pins to the left are negative. The engineer who has many years of experience will solder a new pin to the motherboard, when finished the board will have no excess flux residues. Some newbies who have never soldered on mainboards will create a lot of problems and could even blow the main board if he is not careful.

What you can see above is a repair carried out by a novice technician.  Yes the pin on the left is a repair !! The power pin had broken on the customers motherboard and a ” laptop repair shop” had repaired it. The solder had broken off the pin and onto the motherboard the customers laptop would not turn on.  We removed this pin from the motherboard and replaced it with a new one to the right.

Here is the finished result.

A perfect repair.

Soldering requires years of experience.  You need to use the correct flux, the correct solder, and you need to understand heat exchanges on the board including how long a component can with stand heat. An engineer understands that he needs to get in real close. Powerful microscopes and microtip tools help our engineers get much closer to the subject enabling them to make a better repair.

 We charged the customer £60.00for this repair and everyone was happy.

Infocus Projector Repairs London

We can help you with any Infocus projector repairs that you may require. Most issues with infocus projectors are vertical bars on the image or horizontal bars or lines projected. Another common issue is colours flickering or a dull image. In rare instances a motherboard repair is requiredinfocus.






Here we are building legs on a motherboard for a chip that has over 100 legs. Although theses motherboards are quite rare projectors can have issues due to overheating. IMG_20150208_210836

Overheating is a major problem on projectors. Dont worry however if your projector is hot as this is normal but fan failure issues must never be ignored.

You may switch on the projector one day and it may simply say fan fail. The projector will then switch itself off so an engineer can replace the fan. Usually the most difficult one to replace !!.


For all infocus projector Problems give us a call.


Computer Repairs In Canary wharf

We are Based inside Canary wharf. 

If you are a company or an end user having problems with your PC the best place to take your computer to is Ninatec !!


  • We were the very first Computer Repair Callout Service on the internet in the UK
  • Our engineers have a minimum 20 years experience in PC Problems.
  • We are based inside Canary wharf
  • All repairs under £75
  • All repairs fixed in under 24 hours.
  • pc-repairs-canary-wharfFree collection and delivery if you are based inside canary wharf (by appointment only )

Has your PC died? Sometimes it may not boot to windows. Has the hard disk crashed? No doubt the most important thing to you is your Data.

We can help you with Data Recovery. Why not visit our offices?


We are Based in the Citi Buiding in Canary wharf


Our Address is

25 Canada Square

Canary wharf

London E14 5LQ

Call us now on 0800 118 2275

Projector not turning on

When a projector fails to turn on in most cases this is a power supply problem. Here in the 2 images below we have opened an optoma projector and are repairing the board. As you can see from the first image there are 2 16volt capacitors that are swollen. This is usually a sign that they are dead. So we remove the capacitors and this usually fixes the problem with the projector not turning on.   bad-capacitors                         .






Look at the image below.



As you can see we have replaced the capacitors on the power supply. The capacitors now have nice flat heads. failed capacitors cause a projector not to start up. This can sometimes occur on Toshiba projectors.

This is not always the case as sometimes the motherboard for the projector will need replacing.

So if your projector is not booting up or not starting give us a call today.

Engineer Direct 07566238934


Sometimes we get laptops into our office that do not turn on. One day we had a Sony laptop that did not turn on. The repair was quite difficult but we got there in the end. When we opened the laptop and removed the motherboard we noticed there was liquid damage on the motherboard. laptop motherboard repairs

Chip Removal

This customer spilt liquid on the laptop and did nothing about it for a month. One day she tried to turn it on and it did not turn on. Sometimes it did turn on but then would switch itself off.

We removed the motherboard and straight away we could see the liquid damage. The damage was all around a large power manager chipset. So we removed the 100 legged chipset for examination. We cleaned up the whole area.

We could see the damage had eaten into the motherboard. The way to remove a chip like this is to clean the board and then put some heat resistant tape on the motherboard to protect it from the intense heat of a hot gun. So We removed the chip using special flux and a hot gun.

After removing the 100 legged chip we could see the problems. motherboard repairs london

Legs Missing

The motherboard had lost its copper footings. We soldered new solder onto the board so the chip would fit back nice to the board again when ready for refitting.

In the picture to your left you can see that leg number 6 is missing on the chip. We have placed the chip upside down as it was easier to clean.

How do you create a leg that has disintegrated?

We took some solder braid. This is copper wire that is thinner than a human hair. So our engineer took a strand of this coper wire and soldered a tiny strip around 2mm long straight onto the motherboard.


Creating legs



The motherboard at this point leeds to be perfectly clean. So again the board was cleaned and the copper leg was soldered in place.  We soldered The leg into place. You can see this on the image number 3 on the left.

You can see the small wiring buried inside the motherboard. You can also see the leg we have created. We made it a little longer than needed as this leg needed to be bent up and connected to the chipset when we soldered it back into place.

Leg number 2 was also missing on the motherboard so we just added some solder into its place so the chip would stick to it again. The second leg looks a bit crazy but as long as the solder at pin 2 does not touch pin 1 everything will be fine.


Our engineer re soldered the chip back onto the motherboard. You can see where the copper wire that we placed underneath the chip now needs to be attached back onto the chip. To do this kind of work you need to be like a micro surgeon.

You need a stereo microscope. You also need great tools including a micro soldering iron. If you do not have these tools this type of work should never be attempted. While soldering the chip back into place a small orange capacitor broke off the board and was put back on again.

The big question is after spending all that time on this laptop would it boot up and work again?

Our engineers Have been repairing laptops for almost 20 years now. We know its going to work when we spend all this time on the laptop because we really do understand how motherboards work. The laptop was put back together and bingo !!

laptop board problem

Another laptop fixed. 

Our engineer spent 4 hours on this laptop and we charged the customer £75 for the repair.

We really do not mind spending so long to try to repair your laptop. We know the laptop may have been given to you by a loving partner. We also know that your files on the laptop are the most important thing to you.

In 2 decades we have had over 11,000 very happy customers and at the end of the day thats what really counts..