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We are a small family business based in Canary wharf. Our engineers have been fixing Computers for over 20 years. As a small company we keep our rates down and offer the greatest value to our customers who always come first!

Unbeatable Pricing Policy

All Laptop repairs £85 or under, all Macbook repairs start at £75 and upwards and all Projector repairs £129 or under.* The free diagnosis on repairs is great as you have no obligation to have any repairs carried out.

*Parts may be extra.

Speedy Turnaround

All repairs are within 24 hours. Did you know some companies keep your laptop or projector for over a week. We pride ourselves on on our superfast great service.

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Projector Problems

Do you have a problem with your projector. At our workshop we can fix all problems on DLP projectors. Is you projector suffering from flickering colours? Maybe you have tons of missing pixels or spots on the image. Or maybe it just does not turn on. We can help with Optoma projector repairs Benq Projector repairs Acer-projector-repairs and many more.

All Projector repairs under £129*

Free Diagnosis

All repairs in 24h

By Appointment Only

************ WARNING *************

There are an increasing number of  Projector Repair Companies who do not repair your projector at all.

They are really just out to sell you a projector. So what they do is charge you between £40-£75 just to look at your projector. Then after a week they call you and say its beyond economical repair. Then they charge you for delivery back. You will often be £100 out of pocket. 

This is why free diagnosis is always best. Call us today for free diagnosis. Diagnosis in most cases is achieved over the phone.

We have been repairing projectors for over 12 years

Our Engineers have repaired over 12,000 laptops and 2000 projectors. We were the very first laptop repair company on the internet and can repair ANY problem on a laptop.

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Call our engineer James direct on 0207 459 4071

Please note * Projector repairs for £129.00 are for projector smaller than 14 inches.

Projectors between 14-20 inches prices START from £129.00 Newer 4k Projector Repairs are priced between £129.00 - £249.00

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Important Notice

We are now on a skeletal service and are only open a couple of days per week. Repairs times may vary over the next few months please always book an appointment.

We can also help with laptop repairs

Buy A Projector Lamp Bulb ?

The most common fault on a projector is the lamp blowing. Do you require a new bulb? We can supply and fit a new bulb for you in most cases for £129. We use only Genuine original Osram Lamps. Cheaper bulbs can break your lamp power ballast or inverter. We never use cheap unbranded bulbs. Please always call before bringing your projector to our workshop as we may not have your bulb in stock. All bulbs come with 3 months warranty.

Projector Colour Wheel Problems

The colour wheel can cause image problems and stop the projector from starting up and causing the projector to shut down. We have many parts in stock and can repair colour wheels and photo sensors.


No Image on projector Screen?

If you turn on a projector and see no image on the screen, the problem can sometimes be caused by a graphics card fault. The graphics card has around 500 tiny connectors that connect it to the motherboard. 1 or 2 of these connectors may be broken. A re-flow on the graphics card is needed. This will fix the problem and your projector will display the image again.


Missing Pixels and Spots On The Image

A common problem with projectors are missing pixels and a snowstorm on image projection. This is ALWAYS caused by something to do with the DMD chip. Some customers very rarely have dust inside the lens but a quick call to us will put your mind at rest.


Before and After

Projector Dust Build Up

Projectors produce some stunning large images and are great for movies. The projector must be kept cool. In most projectors there are between 2 and 5 fans. These fans suck in air and expel air through the vents. over time there is a dust build up inside the projector, and this causes problems. In the image above we are about to remove a colour wheel for intensive cleaning.

Laptop Broken Power Connector Pins

A very common problem on laptops is a broken power jack connector. The power cable is often pulled by a dog or its owner and the pin inside on the motherboard can get damaged or broken. In the above image we have the before and after of one of our repairs to the power pin. We charge £85 for this type of repair.

Laptop Overheating problem

When you buy a new laptop your fan is nice and clean. however after a few years the fans become blocked and require cleaning. Here we are taking a customers fan to bits. We clean it oil it and put special cooling paste onto the graphics card chipset and the processor. This cools the system down.


DMD Chips

We have plenty of DMD chips in stock. When you have spots or what is often referred to as a snowstorm on the image, it is usually because of the DMD chip and to fix this, this chip will need to be replaced.

Motherboard Repairs

We remove chips off the board such as Diode's, Resistors, Capacitors etc. However there are few chips we cannot remove and they are called Chipsets. Projector HDMI port not working? No problem we can fix this for you. 

Projector Repairs

All types of repairs

Lamp Replacement

Projector not turning on

Projector has color banding or flickering colours

Lines on the projected image

Turns on but no image displayed


*All Repairs under £129

All repairs are £129 or under. Parts are not included. For example if we clean a fan or colour wheel or change a capacitor or a transistor the price is £129. However if we have to replace the power board or motherboard we will call you first giving you a price BEFORE we carry out any repairs. For example to the right we are replacing a HDMI port on a projector as the client had no image show on the projector. The repair is £129 and the part is very cheap so The total repair price is £129. We will only go ahead with your repair if you are happy with our prices. We will never be beaten on price. We also never charge for diagnosis. In most cases we give the diagnosis before we open the projector or laptop.

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Friendly Engineers

Friendly Engineers

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We Are Based Inside The Citi Building

***Please call first to book an appointment.***

Enter the Citi building on the ground floor and ask for laptop repairs or projector repairs. 

The reception staff will assist you to our office.

Call our Engineer (James) now to book an appointment on 0207 459 4071

Projectors We Repair

Benq Projector repairs, Acer Projector Repairs, Optoma Projector Repairs, Viewsonic Projector Repairs,Infocus Projector repairs and many more...

We do not offer no fix no fee as there is always a fix ! After we have carried out free diagnosis most repairs are £129. We charge between £20-£30 if we do not fix your laptop or projector.

However if cleaning is required to a motherboard for liquid damage a charge of £20 always applies weather we fix it or not.  We will always tell the customer of this before any work is carried out.

Top 5 Projectors for under £500

The best projectors are the ones we repair the least !!

1) Optoma HD142X

2) Acer H6517ABD

3) BenQ MX611

4) ViewSonic PX700HD

5) Optoma HD27

We do not get paid to recommend any of the above projectors