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Back in 1995 James Our Engineer Was Repairing Computers

James Davis, the Tec in Ninatec, purchased Ninatec.co.uk as a website that his daughter could one day look after. In 1995, (21 years ago) James ( Tec) was building and fixing computers but wanted to go online. So he purchased the very first website on the internet for laptop repairs, pccallout.co.uk. Having owned 2 shops repairing and fixing laptops he ventured into fixing projectors. James has now been fixing projectors for around 12 years. James the engineer will answer your calls. We have no call centres. James is the Engineer who will also fix your laptop or projector. 

Today Ninatec is a small family business based in Canary wharf. The business concentrates on customer care and quality of service.

If you need free help and advice for a laptop or projector give us a call today. 

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Fixing Motherboards back in 2005

Our repair Shop on Roman Road E3 in 2007

Me and Nina at our office in Canary wharf in 2010

We have almost 3 decades of experience in Laptop Repairs and Computer Repair Sercives.

For all Laptop Repair Issues please call James now

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Our Work

We can help you with screen repairs, inverter repairs, power jack repairs, motherboard repairs including capacitor and diode and integrated circuit chip removal not limited in number of legs. Keyboard replacement, mouse repair, laptops not turning on motherboard replacement. BGA graphics card reflows and much much more.

Below is some of our recent work

Motherboard Repair specialists

Chip Removal

In the above image we have removed a motherboard chip with many legs on it. This chip was not working properly and although it has almost 100 legs we can remove it in seconds using a hot gun. The chip was then examined.

Close Inspection

On close inspection we noticed one of the legs had disintegrated and a new one needed to be created. This was because of liquid damage. We used thin copper wire to create a leg and fix the problem.

Creating A Leg

In the final image we are creating a leg for the motherboard this was then coated in solder. This leg was attached to part of the old leg that was almost destroyed. We have carried out over 15,000 laptop motherboard repairs so this is no problem for us.
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Terms and Conditions

When we receive your laptop or projector you are agreeing to pay for any work we will carry out on your behalf, however we will not charge you more than the final repair estimate without your additional consent.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that charges are paid and return arranged. We cannot release laptops or projectors until payment has been made. We may insist on payment being made by cleared funds. If you are in any way unhappy we reserve the right to take your laptop or projector back to our workshop and return it to you once the fault has been rectified. Any laptops or projectors dumped at our workshop or not collected after 2 months will be disposed of. 
Finally please back up your data as we cannot accept responsibility for its loss.