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Ninatec - The projector Repair Specialists.

We Repair

  1. Projector not turning on
  2. Lines on the image
  3. Dull image or blobs on image
  4. Flickering or banding colors
  5. Lamp replacements
  6. spots and missing pixels
  7. Projector turns on but no image

Projector Repair Specialists

Benq Optoma Acer etc

No Power on Projector ?

Inside projectors is the power ballast. Its the power supply for the projector. It gives the motherboard, Lamp ballast and other projector parts power. If your laptop does not turn on you may have an issue with your power ballast. When you press the power button on your projector the motherboard chipset tells the projector to wake up. The power board then makes sure all parts are receiving correct power. 

If your projector is not turning on please call us for free help and advice.

Projector turns on but no image?

The lamp ballast or inverter is very important factor for image being displayed for the projector. Its often a part that can break. Often a Capacitor needs replacing or a Diode. This can often occur if the Lamp has blown or shattered. This is why projectors will often warn you to replace the bulb. Some customers will replace the lamp even before this warning. We have many of these ballasts in stock. Inverters must give the lamp the correct voltage or many other parts will blow including the power supply. 

Projector Problems

We can repair every make and model of DLP projector. Specialists in Optoma Benq and Acer. We can help if you have a flickering image. Or if you have missing pixels on the image. Also if your projector cuts out after 5 minutes , even if it does not turn on at all.

Remember the best part about our service is 24 h turn around. No other company comes close..

Projector Color wheel Cleaning.

We take great care at Ninatec when cleaning your projector. Over the years projectors accumulate lots of dust. In some cases lots and lots of dust. Cats hairs etc. Colour wheels often dull out. Great care is needed when cleaning colour wheels. We will need to strip down the projector. We can still do this quickly.  This type of repair can often be carried out while you wait. Usually takes around 1-2 hours. 

We also sell Clearence projectors with 3 months warranty,, going cheap !

We also sell Clearence projectors with 3 months warranty,, going cheap !

We also sell Clearence projectors with 3 months warranty,, going cheap !